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 Brown Rice Cookers

Relatively low supply and difficulty of storage and transport the unpolished whole grain rice that is the result of removing only the husk and leaving the embryo and bran intact. Brown rice becomes white rice when the outer bran layer is stripped off in the milling or "whitening" process. Since the embryo and bran contain fiber and high amounts of nutrients, eating brown rice is considered healthier than white rice. Brown rice cooking instructions normally require more water and a longer time to cook, but perfect brown rice recipes are made easy with our Zojirushi, Tiger, and Sanyo rice cookers.

GABA brown rice is a newly discovered method of cooking brown rice to "activate" it and increase natural occurring gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an amino acid in brown rice believed to have health giving properties such as lowering blood pressure, improving kidney function and relieving stress. The brown rice is "activated" by soaking it at 104°F for 2 hours before the actual cooking begins. 

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Induction Heating Pressure 
Rice Cooker & Warmer 
NP-HTC10 |

Induction Heating System 
Rice Cooker & Warmer 

Induction Heating System 
Rice Cooker & Warmer 


Induction Heating System 
Rice Cooker & Warmer 

Umami® Micom
Rice Cooker & Warmer
NS-YAC10 |

Neuro Fuzzy® 
Rice Cooker & Warmer 
NS-ZCC10 |

Rice Cooker & Warmer 

Rice Cooker & Warmer 
NS-WAC10 |

Rice Cooker & Warmer 

Capacity : 1.00L/33.8 oz/5.5 cup
UPC : 785830027440


Capacity : 1.8L/60.9oz/10 cup
UPC : 785830027457

Capacity : 1.80L / 60.9oz / 10cups
UPC : 785830025842


Capacity : 1.00L / 33.8oz / 5.5cups
UPC : 785830026436


Capacity : 1.80L / 60.9oz / 10cups
UPC : 785830026443

Capacity : 1.0L / 33.8oz / 5.5cupsUPC : 785830029239

Capacity : 0.54L / 18.3oz / 3cups
UPC : 785830024432




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