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Zojirushi NS-RNC10 Rice Cooker & Warmer 5.5 cups
Easy-to-Use Single Switch Control Automatic Keep Warm System Non-Stick Inner Pan
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Zojirushi NS-RNC10 Rice Cooker & Warmer (5.5 cups) Conventional rice cooker automatically cooks the rice and turns off when the rice is done features:
  • Keep warm system automatically activates after cooking is completed;
  • lock-tight lid keeps rice fresh and moist for extended periods;
  • nonstick cooking pan prevents rice from sticking for easier serving and clean-up;
  • side condensation collector;
  • built-in retractable cord.
  • Included accessories: spatula, spatula holder, and measuring cup.
  • Capacity: 5.5 cups
Model No.  NS-RNC10
Capacity5.5 cups / 1.0 liter
Dimensions (W x D x H)10-1/4 x 10-1/2 x 10-1/8 inches
Electrical Rating120 volts / 485 watts
ColorWhite Ballerina

Brand: Zojirushi
Model: NS-RNC10

Customer Reviews

Review by  Becky (beckygardens) (new orleans, LA, United States)
(posted on Dec 02, 2011)
I first found this rice cooker while living in Korea 13 years ago. I went from burning rice (brown rice especially) to turning out beautiful perfect rice every time. We make rice probably 3-4 times a week and it's so easy to put the rice and water in, turn the rice cooker on, and walk away. I did "upgrade" to one with fuzzy logic and hated it, I took it back and bought a new one of this rice cooker.

Recently I have got into books about getting more for my rice cooker and they are fine, but getting just perfect rice time after time is enough to justify owning this rice cooker. My only quibble is the plastic water/steam catcher, it doesn't last as long at the machine.
Review by  Michael Sweat (Alexandria, VA USA)
(posted on Sep 21, 2011)
Best rice maker ever. I got one probably 10 years ago and use it regularly and it makes perfect rice - white or brown. Easy clean up, and well made. I just got a second one for our vacation home.
Review by  sherry tarr
(posted on Aug 17, 2011)
So far we love it! Perfect rice everytime & easy to clean. I was a little hesitant to buy it because of the price but our friend has one and has used it everyday for 10 years. The retractable cord is great and having the spoon holder on the side is so handy. I would recommend this to friends.
Review by  William M. Wallace "Gift Giver" (Mesa, AZ USA)
(posted on Jul 13, 2011)
Excellent white rice and good jasmine rice. Not so good on brown rice. At this rate, I will need 4 different rice cookers to meet my needs. Holds rice very warm for a long time.
Review by  LoveMeRice
(posted on Apr 30, 2011)
I got this rice cooker after reading all the great reviews. I was confident I was getting a quality Japanese made cooker. The cooker did not disappoint. My family of 6 can now be well fed with the perfectly steamed rice. Be sure to use the asian rice and not Uncle Ben's. Uncle Ben's rice does not taste right with this cooker. Overall a great product at a even better price.
Review by  Parent08 (California)
(posted on Jan 20, 2011)
My last Zojirushi lasted 12 years and was used 3 times/week. This rice cooker is made in Thailand not Japan. Therefore it wasn't the same quality as my old Zojirushi. The rice wasn't consistently soft. I brought another model Zojirushi that was made in Japan.
Review by  nina
(posted on Dec 27, 2010)
My first Zojirushi rice cooker lasted over 10 years. We bought this one to replace the older model because it started to malfunction. The replacement lasted about 6 months. The rice cooker would switch to "Keep Warm" mode within about 10 minutes of cooking. When I opened the lid there was a puddle of water in the center of the cooker and the rice was not cooked at all. Worst of all,it wouldn't let me switch it back to the "Cook" mode. Thinking it was a defective model we purchased same model again. This one lasted about 2 months and had the same problem. I am currently looking for a different brand to replace the Zojirushi
Review by  imtran (EL SOBRANTE, CA, US)
(posted on Oct 20, 2010)
My last rice cooker finally died on me and I need to get a new one. I'm from an Asian family and we eat rice every day. After looking at some of the reviews I decided to give this Zojirushi rice cooker a try. With a Japanese name I thought I can't go wrong. I choose this simple model because growing up this is what my parents and our relatives used. And boy they worked so well. So what's wrong? It cooked well enough. The rice turned out nice and moist. It took less time to cook than the digital ones they have now. The only problem is the warm feature does not work. The rice turns all soggy and brown with an unpleasant smell. The instructions say it can keep warm for up to 12 hours. Well this happened way less than 12 hours. I was sorely disappointed and returned the item. This is made in Thailand. Maybe I need to look for one that's made in Japan ?
Review by  A. Clark
(posted on Aug 25, 2009)
I had grown up with Zojirushi, so, of course, I bought one when I was looking for a new rice cooker. Unfortunately, shortly after buying it, the rice cooker kept shutting off (going to the keep warm mode) even though the rice was not done. At first, we thought maybe the seal was not tight, so we used a water bottle to keep the lid down...that worked for a while. Now I think we're at the point that we will need to replace the rice cooker. Thanks to this experience, I will probably not consider another Zojirushi model.
Review by  WndyTime (Miami, FL USA)
(posted on Mar 06, 2009)
I purchased this rice cooker for my mom because I remember that she had a similar one when I was little and it made the BEST rice. The rice is not as moist as I remember it...if I change my mind about how the rice comes out I'll post an update but so far not impressed for how it cooks vs price. Same quality rice from the $10 cheapy cookers. However, it does look pretty on the kitchen counter.
Review by  M. Makaimoku (Pahoa, HI USA)
(posted on Feb 28, 2009)
I have had this rice cooker for almost 2 months. It works great and makes great rice. It's on almost constantly. We eat rice every day and I make enough to have for the following day and it keeps it good the whole time, doesn't get dried out. I haven't had any issues with the coating coming off the pot. I sometimes wash my rice in the pot and not in a seperate bowl, an old habit I have been doing with my previous rice cookers. I love the fact it has a retractable cord, only take out the length you want or if you store it, the cord isn't in the way. The floral design is very attractive on my counter. I love this little rice cooker.
Review by  C. Miller
(posted on Jan 26, 2008)
I bought this rice cooker to replace a less expensive Black and Decker model that had died on me after a few years service. I was a little scared to purchase a more expensive model rice cooker. I was afraid I would be spending a lot more money and getting the same results.

I ended up being pleasently surprised. I just followed the cooking instructions, pressed the button, and it produced perfect rice. Better than I ever produced in my less expensive model. It will also cook perfect brown rice. I followed the instructions I had read from another reviewer, which was to soak the rice overnight, then cook with a little more water, and it turns out wonderfully too.

I would highly recommend this rice cooker. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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