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Zojirushi NS-TGC10 Advanced Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker & Warmer 5.5 Cup
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Zojirushi NS-TGC10 Micom rice cooker & warmer. 5.5 cups rice cooker,is one of the newer one from Zojirushi rice cooker family. Elegant and stylish looks has attract many rice cooker buyer. This NS-TGC10 model is easily becoming one of the customer best choice rice cooker. Perfectly cook brown rice and it even have multi cooking function including cakes menu. Yes, cake menu. You can make cake using this rice cooker. This Zojirushi NS-TGC10 also comes in the bigger capacity. If you need a bigger size see NS-TGC18

  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology, prepares perfectly cooked rice every time.
  • Multi-Menu Cooking Functions, Includes cake menu for baking cakes.
  • Healthy cooking Options. Cooks flawless brown rice and germinated brown rice.
  • Clear-Coated Stainless Steel Exterior. Fits any kitchen decor and makes clean up in just a snap.
  • Convenient Delay Timer, Provides freshly cooked rice at the programmed time.
  • Automatic Keep Warm. Keep rice at the perfect serving temperature.
Dimensions (W x D x H): 10 x 14 x 8-1/2 inches
Electric Rating: 120 volts / 610 watts
Color: Stainless Steel
Model: NS-TGC10
Made in China

Customer Reviews

Review by  oldmansags (New Jersey)
(posted on Dec 20, 2011)
I purchased the Zojirushi NS-TGC10 Micom 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer, Stainless Steel in late December 2010, and it arrived in the beginning of January 2011. I still use this rice cooker to this day with wonderful results. Just fill up your rice and water and Voila! Perfect rice every time! Need it done at a specific time? No problem, set the timer to have the rice done at a time that's convenient for you! This baby doesn't even just cook rice, it also has other functions such as cakes and porridge and many different rice types as well. They give you an instruction manual and inside of it are some recipes that you can make in the rice cooker as well.

I normally use this rice cooker for making sushi rice for making sushi and rice balls. It makes perfect rice every time. I haven't had any problem with this machine. Even though my family consists of 3 people, it's nice to have the flexibility to be able to make a little or a lot. It's perfect for 1 cup or 5 cups. My rice of choice is brown rice and even that's cooked perfectly every time. It even plays cute melodies every time you start it and when it's finished.

Cleanup is a snap, just take out the inner lid and the bowl and wash them in warm soapy water. It comes with it's own plastic rice paddle that works perfectly and cleans easily. Just be careful of the cooker bowl because it is a non-stick coating, so don't scratch it!

After practically a year of use, I have no complaints. It's worked better than any other rice cooker I've owned, and I've owned at least a dozen in the last 12 years.
Review by  Stacy Widja
(posted on Dec 14, 2011)
I got this cooker as a gift for hubby a few years ago and it has never to this day let us down! He is especially thrilled with this effortless rice cooker. It makes cooking rice super easy and it always turns out great. Easy to operate. It is good for the next couple days after as it stays warm the entire time. It lets you know the hours since it was made. It has a "brown rice", "sushi", even "cake" setting to adjust the time for each.

Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an awesome rice cooker.
Review by  Poptartsgurl
(posted on Nov 15, 2011)
Love this rice cooker! Makes perfect rice! I have yet to use the quick function, so I'm not sure how good the rice will turn out with that. But, on the regular white rice setting, it cooks for approx. 40 minutes and comes out perfect each time. It plays a little song when cooking starts, and a different song when cooking stops. I also really like that the inner lid is detachable and can be washed after each use - as anyone who cooks rice knows...things can get caked on there.
Review by  wishywashy
(posted on Nov 02, 2011)
Our old cooker finally croaked. We've always eyed this brand because of the quality of the rice it cooks, always fluffy and never burnt bottoms. You can tell I'm a previous customer (2 rice cookers ago). The last one we had was bought as an "emergency" replacement. Before this we had a Zojirushi cooker and it became unusable after I slammed the lid and the locking piece broke.

Well the emergency replacement turned out to be THE cooker for 3 years and when it finally broke, we did not hesitate to buy this one. We are a family of 4, 2 kids so the size is perfect for us. We eat rice daily at least twie a day. Rice is perfect each time, always amazing. The one that stands out for me though is the design of it. Previously, there used to be a small dew collector that sticks to the side. Don't know how they did it this time but this one does not need it. No messy drips, nothing to throw out. Each time you open the lid after it announces that your rice is ready (with a musical beep!) is perfect, steaming and fluffy rice!

When not in use, everything tucks neatly into place, the retractable cord vanishes and it literally can just sit there looking pretty and zen-like.

Only reason it is not a 5 rating is the slightly longer time to cook and the keep warm is not meant to reheat. Well I guess the even cooking at a lower temp setting is how they make it perfect. In any case, still love it!
Review by  Laura "Bloggingoverthyme" (Washington DC)
(posted on Oct 25, 2011)
After months of deliberation, I decided to get my very own Zojirushi rice cooker. To name this appliance a "rice" cooker is a shame, really. It is so much more than that. The first week that I had it I made rice, steel-cut oats, garbanzo beans for homemade hummus, and black beans!
Review by  mostly Cajun (Sulphur, LA USA)
(posted on Sep 29, 2011)
I was raised in a Cajun household where my dad didn't think he'd eaten on a day we didn't have rice. I learned to cook rice on top of the stove at an early age, and that's the way it was done for generations. These days, though, it's a rare Cajun household that doesn't have a rice cooker. I've had several over the years.

Now I've got this one, and compared to the $15 unit it replaced, this one's pricey. I think it's worth it.

it does rice to perfection: the medium-grain rice that I was raised with, long-grain, brown, and basmati that I use now, all to perfection.

It does a fine job, too, on cereals like steel-cut oats. I use the timer function, and the stuff is ready in the morning when my alarm wakes me. It does wheat berries to perfection.

It's simple to use, easy to clean, and comes with a pretty good instruction book, and honestly, I'd be lost without it now.
Review by  M. Kooiman "nerdette" (Richardson, TX USA)
(posted on Dec 08, 2008)
Many, many years ago (20 years ago!) my brother sent my family a Zojirushi rice cooker as a gift. It makes 12 cups but I was serving 5 people and when you add guests you need a lot of rice. It works BEAUTIFULLY if I want a LOT of rice. Now my family is down to 2 and we don't eat more than a cup of rice in a meal so I tried to find a small rice cooker. I've bought two, small, inexpensive rice cookers from a local store only to be horribly disappointed. The rice always scorches and is never cooked right. I went back to cooking rice on the stove. For Christmas, I splurged and bought the Zojirushi 5.5 cup rice cooker. I considered the smaller 3 cup version but my kids do come to visit and the 5.5 has the option to make sponge cakes which sounded interesting.

The first batch of rice was plain white rice. I read the instructions, measured the rice in the included cup, poured it in to the cooker and added enough filtered water to the rice for the water level to touch the one cup line marked on the cooking bowl. I closed the lid, made sure white rice was selected and pressed the "cooking" button. After a while it played a happy tune to let me know the rice was done. I fluffed the rice and set the cooker on extended warm. (You have two settings for keeping rice warm - regular and extended.) It was many hours later that we actually ate the rice and it was still perfect. Last night we made a brown rice pilaf and used the brown rice setting. Again, the rice came out perfect. I used filtered water again. It is recommended in the instructions that you don't use tap water, especially if you have very hard water like I do. The tap water can cause the steam vents to clog up.

Clean up is a breeze. You pluck the inner lid from the lid and wash it with a little warm soapy water, dry it and put it back. The cooking pot/bowl is nonstick and a little soapy water and a rinse and it's clean too. Finally, just wipe down the other surfaces and your done. I wish everything was that easy to clean.
Review by  Skidz
(posted on Sep 16, 2008)
I bought this rice cooker during my kitchen remodel, when the only methods of cooking I had were crock pot, microwave, or hot plate. This thing was, and still is, a life-saver!

I love brown rice, but I hate the intense, laborious process of cooking it on the stove. Watching the heat, getting the water amount just right, constantly having to baby it...no thanks. With my Zojirushi I just set it to brown and go to town (haha). The brown rice cycle takes about 2 hours...but if you use the built in timer function, you can have brown rice (or any kind of rice) ready and waiting for you at the time you desire. The time you set on the timer is the time that your Zojirushi sings it's corny little japanese song to let you know that your rice is ready to eat. If you aren't ready for it yet, your rice is kept warm without getting dried out or crusty.

If you've never tried short or medium grain brown rice, do it. It's so much better for you and most people I've cooked it for prefer the texture of short grain brown rice to the more common long grain. In case you were wondering...PF Changs uses medium grain, but I've had trouble finding that.

White rice always comes out great, not too sticky or wet...though it does take around 45 minutes. I make a lot of spanish rice...here's a quick easy recipe for that:

2 Zojirushi Cups White Rice
1 Small can Tomato Juice (I think it's 8oz)
2-4 Teaspoons of Chicken Buillon (or use chicken broth instead of the water)
2-4 Tablespoons of Taco Seasoning
Fill with water to "2" and cook on white rice setting
It's a pretty forgiving recipe and I frequently spice it up with additional ingredients....chipotle peppers, sweet corn, etc.

I also make steel-cut oatmeal nearly every morning. My timer automatically has it hot and ready for me when I get up for work. I use 1/2 Zojirushi cup of steel cut oats (rinsed) with 1.5 zojirushi cups of water. All of this goes in the night before. More often than not, I have to clean the inside steam vent cover after cooking this, but that doesn't take long.

This is the first rice cooker I've ever owned, so I can't vouch for the performance of any other model, though I suspect I'd be disappointed with the cheapo on/off ones sold by most stores. The 5.5 cup capacity has been plenty for me & my roommate....usually 2 cups is enough for us (and we eat a lot). I typically cook 4 cups so that I've got leftovers or lunches.

If you're trying to decide between this and the induction model...you really don't need to spend the extra money...this one does just fine. I can't imagine the results being any better than they are...save that extra $100 for something else. I got the stainless finish because it matches my other appliances, but I'm sure the cooking functionality of the other models is identical.
Review by  Christine (Georgia, USA)
(posted on Mar 26, 2008)
After years of my husband making fun of me because I couldn't properly cook rice on the stove, I finally broke down and bought a rice cooker. A Japanese friend suggested Zojirushi, so I did some researching before purchasing this model.

I don't have a huge group to cook for, just our family of four, but I do entertain quite often so I bought this model instead of the smaller 3 cup model just incase I ever needed it.

So far, I've made white rice and oatmeal in the rice cooker. Both turned out perfectly! My husband mentioned that this was the best rice he'd ever eaten and kept pointing out how each grain was perfect, not a sticky mess like our usual rice.

For the oatmeal, I used a "recipe" mentioned in another Amazon review (1 rice cooker cup steel cut oats, 2.5 cooker cups water and a dash of salt). I used the timer function on the rice cooker so that it was ready when I woke up in the morning. I've had the rice cooker for a week and made the oatmeal three times already! It's a nice treat. (For the record, my very picky 1 year old loved hers with a little brown sugar and some dried cherries mixed in).

Clean up is a breeze. Both the rice and oatmeal cooked without scorching and the pan cleaned up quickly. Not a speck stuck to the side.

People have complained about having to wipe out the top lid each time you cook. I really don't understand the complaint. This takes all of 5 seconds and there's no mess to scrub, just maybe a drip of water.

I am very happy that I finally broke down and shelled out the money for a decent rice cooker. I could have gotten a cheaper one, but would I be enjoying fabulous oatmeal first thing in the morning? No, and I'd probably be replacing it within a year, from what people have told me.
Review by  Tom Tracy (Northern GA, United States)
(posted on Mar 03, 2008)
Just got this rice cooker this afternoon & immediately tried it out making one "Zojirushi cup" of sticky short grain white rice I bought at a Japanese grocery store. I just finished gobbling it up with a little soy sauce and it was DELICIOUS! The rice came out perfectly - nice and sticky (I can't wait to make some sushi with it!), but not watery at all and cooked perfectly.

I was really torn between this model and Zojirushi's NS-LAC05 3-Cup model. Most of the time, I will be cooking rice for only 2 people, so the 3-Cup NS-LAC05 seemed ideal. But, on the other hand, I liked the flexibility of getting this bigger 5 1/2-Cup model - e.g., when having company over for dinner, or for cooking "one pot" rice-based dishes - I thought I could use the extra room in both cases. And, this bigger model can make cakes, where as the 3-Cup is too small. The only thing that worried me about getting this bigger model was I wondered if it would cook a small amount (i.e., one "Zojirushi cup") of plain rice as well as the smaller model - after all, that is what I would be doing most of the time.

Well, the flexibility won out in the end (as well as the surprisingly lower price of the NS-TGC10 on Amazon - $10 cheaper than the smaller NS-LAC05). And my worries about making a small amount of plain rice in the NS-TGC10 turned out to be unfounded as I discovered in my test run.

So, if you are torn between these two Zojirushi models, I recommend this one - $10 cheaper & more flexibilty. Plus, judging from the dimensions of both, it is not much bigger than the NS-LAC05 so it won't take up significantly more kitchen counter space.

EDIT (on September 21, 2011) - Three & a half years later, this rice cooker is still going strong & we use it all the time. Our love of this cooker can best be summed up by the comment my wife made several months back. She is not one for special-purpose kitchen gadgets, but she said that this rice cooker was BY FAR the most useful such kitchen gadget we ever purchased or tried...
Review by  M. Nguyen "Samiel" (Fort Worth, TX United States)
(posted on Feb 28, 2008)
I bought this rice cooker from Amazon a few weeks ago and I've used it almost every day since I got it! I've used it for mixed rice, wild rice, black rice and oatmeal. In fact, I've mainly used it for oatmeal.

The timer feature is great and this model has two! I just put my steel cut oats in and set the timer to have the oatmeal ready for me in the morning. I use the following recipe and oatmeal comes out great each time!

1 Rice Cooker Cup - Steel Cut Oats
2.5 Rice Cooker Cups - Water
Dash of salt

The rice I've cooked has come out perfectly every time! In fact, it comes out too perfect depending on how you're used to your rice. I like my wild rice a little more dry than how this cooker cooked it the first time, but no problem, I just needed to add less water. It still came out moist and tender though and as perfect as you would think.

I've also found that you can be imperfect with your water amounts. This cooker seems to adjust for my imperfections and still makes great rice and oatmeal!

Having two timers is pretty handy, but one timer models will be fine for most people. The only advantage to having two timers is that the timer remembers your last time setting so you don't have input a new time each time. If you always have two set times, changing the times on a single timer model would be a pain.

I've noticed that the timer doesn't seem to remember my cooking method settings. This is odd since it remembers the time just fine. I always have to change my settings to porridge for my oatmeal, even though I've always set it to that the time before. This is my one con about this model so far.

The bowl is non-stick and cleans up easily. I've had no problem with cleaning the bowl even if I've left rice remnants in there all day. The inner lid removes easily and is cleaned easily. It doesn't get too dirty, but I have noticed that using the Quick Cook method seems to make it a bit dirtier than the normal cooking time.

The included cup is smaller than a standard US Cup, but that's not a big deal since everything is proportional anyhow. The include spoon is great and easy to clean as well. Nothing seems to stick to!

The handle and retractable cord are also pluses. All in all, a very well designed machine and easy to use. I didn't have any issues understanding the manual.

This is a great machine and hopefully it will stand up over time!
Review by  A. Stagg (Virginia, USA)
(posted on Feb 25, 2008)
Seriously, it plays Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star when you start it. But, we love it!

This is my second Zojirushi rice cooker with fuzzy logic. I received the first one as a gift 10 years ago and it still works fine. We got this one, because we wanted a smaller cooker that didn't take up as much space in our overloaded kitchen. Our old cooker is a 10-cup model and worked flawlessly. The new model is much improved. The retractable cord is an excellent feature and the cooker is easy to program. It is also easy to clean and nonstick. Cooks rice to perfection. Yes, it's expensive, but it does an excellent job and it's built to last. We had originally gotten a cheaper brand ($40) to replace our old Zojirushi. Big mistake. It lasted less than a year. Zojirushi is much higher quality and we look forward to another decade or more of regular use. Highest recommendation!!

Update May 2009: Still using this cooker regularly. Does a great job and is holding up well!! No problems.
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